Original Poster Artwork for Sale

Several of the railway-commissioned painters belonged to an agency specifically set up for artists. This was called, unsurprisingly, Artist’s Partners Agency. I was very surprised after a little research into the company on the internet that they are still successfully in business in London, 60 years on. Poster and carriage print artists over the years have included Tom Eckersley, Rowland Hilder, Hans Unger, Royston Cooper, Ben Ostrick, Reg Mount, Edward Mortelmans, Bill Sawyer, Harry Winslade and Albert Whitear. The London Midland Region commissioned this agency for their ‘Historical’ series of 48 prints, undertaken by the last four artists mentioned above. On the rear of the original artwork was the agency’s stamp bearing the address of Hyde Park, London, dated 1954. Mortelman’s work for this series was particularly high in quality (see image).

The agency was formed in 1951 in Lower John Street, Soho, but soon moved to Dover Street, Mayfair where most of the railway commissions were accomplished. It is now situated in Westminster Bridge Road, London – website www.artistpartners.com . It still produces commercial artwork for books, magazines, posters and advertising. As its website comments: It is now “honed down but creatively fit.” The only other prolific agency I am aware of whose work was commissioned by the railways during the 50s & 60s (particularly the Southern & Western Regions), was Studio Seven whose logo often appeared on the artwork. Do any readers know of any more?

Art and poster lovers may be very interested to know of a large collection of original London Midland & Scottish Railway and British Rail poster artwork for sale, including classic Norman Wilkinson 1930s views. This unique horde of original paintings on canvas of classic scenes for the LMS by Norman Wilkinson of Gleneagles, Inverness, Loch Lomond, Anglesey, Fishing in Ireland, Goole Docks and more are to be sold at the end of summer. Images (some shown here) are currently available on the www.travellingartgallery.com website with more details to follow.


10 thoughts on “Original Poster Artwork for Sale

  1. I have two railway advertisement posters and am unsure if they are original or re-prints.They came in a job lot from an auction back in the mid nineties.I’m interested in selling them and wondered if anyone new how to authenticate.One is ‘Scarborough,it’s quicker by rail’ by W.Smithson Broadhead.The other is ‘Carlisle,the gateway to Scotland’ by Navrice Greif henhagen (tricky one to read).Any advise would be appreciated.ThanksStef

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